Dev Blog #45

January 30th, 2017

Dev Blog #45

Some sprints the team works on only a few very time-intensive features and there isn’t much to report on to you all. Other weeks, many smaller features are implemented with relative ease and I have a great deal to share with you all. However, most sprints fall in the middle and this week is no different.

In previous sprints we added the drafting screen to the game, which allows players to design blueprints for structures. Building on that (pun intended), smaller aspects of the drafting screen was added in this sprint, along with the beginnings of construction. We can ‘ghost’ the blueprint on the screen to choose exactly where we want to place it, and then adjust how far we want the foundation to sink into the ground. This is limited by the overall height of the foundation to prevent pieces that float above the terrain or sink under it. Placing the ghost on the ground adds an outline of poles that show the future footprint of the structure. Each section of the structure’s foundation can be crafted up through 3 stages. In future sprints we will implement the building of the interior, the exterior walls, and the roof.

A new model for the inside stairs was added, and the exterior stairs that go with the door are working properly in game. If you recall the stairs from our demo, rest assured that these are working wonderfully. No jumping required! The team also took some time to go back over and refine the style of our server selection and island creation screens. They were brought in line with our menu and options screen, which have a similar look to our other windows and screens. They definitely add a sense of cohesiveness to the overall visual style of the game.

From the very beginning of ToA: Exile’s design, we planned to offer our game up on Steam so that we could reach as many players as possible. To this end, we’ve implemented support for different languages during this sprint. This feature will allow the player to display the various menus, screens, and tool-tips in a non-English language. We’re starting with Spanish, and will add more as time allows or fan interest dictates.

Finally, the different player versus player options have been added. As I’ve mentioned before, we want players to make their islands exactly how they want them and we hope that PvP options will help to that end. The three options are Open PvP, Racial PvP, and PvE. Open PvP matches our original design of the game; anyone can damage anyone else at any time, anywhere. Racial PvP prevents players of the same race from harming one another, but they can still damage players of other races. The PvE option disables all PvP, and the only combat possible will be against game mobs.

There is only a few days left to ask your questions for our Q and A for next weekend. You can add yours here. If you want to share your thoughts on our progress, you can tell us over at: