Dev Blog #43

January 2nd, 2017

Dev Blog #43

Looking back over the last year, I think it is impressive that we have come so far. Our team is full of passionate and talented individuals that have dedicated their free time to our project, and it really shows. I’ll be covering all of our progress for the year in the upcoming newsletter, so be sure to sign up for it if you haven’t already!

For this last sprint of 2016, several features were added or tweaked. Our all-purpose rock now naturally spawns on the terrain. They should be relatively easy to find, since human players will need them as a primitive tool, and dragons will need them as nesting material.

We’ve also adjusted the way that dragon’s acquire nuggets. We’ve mentioned previously that nuggets were separated from mining nodes and instead were buried in the ground randomly. We did this so that dragon’s wouldn’t completely obliterate an island’s stone and ore resources in the name of securing resources for molting. It also has the positive effect of leaving stone for those who need stone, and ore for those who need ore. By keeping all the resources separated in this manner, players will only need to harvest the resources they actually want.

Dragon’s get an advantage over humans in nugget acquisition; they can actually smell the nuggets. An aura effect appears for them at the spot where a nugget is buried. Once a nugget has been pulled from the ground, the scent fades, so that dragons cannot tell if other character’s have nuggets in their inventories.

We’ve added the harvesting and consuming of raknar corpses. This allows humans to harvest materials and meat from dead raknar, and for living raknar to consume the corpses of other raknar. This was an important feature, since raknar cannibalize each other to evolve their armor. Raknar character’s can consume their own corpses to feed themselves, but they won’t gain any extra chitin from it, which is what improves their own armor.

Talonthorn has worked out several bugs that the team has discovered with the drafting design interface, and successfully squashed them.

The spawn pattern of the flora was tweaked so that trees and plants of the same species would be more likely to spawn near one another. This new behavior allows us to have flora “self seed” and regrow in areas they are harvested from as long as at least one plant was left alive. This helps to give us the feel of our old spawn nodes without needing all the controls that were necessary for GM’s in the old MMO design.

The programming team has also made headway with the AI development. Though the wolves we are using as placeholders won’t actually be in the game at release, we are using them until models and animations are created for the four fauna we want in the first biome; Eviseraptors, Tormilins, Sabertusks, and Needlefangs.

The art team has been very busy with creating the full complement of animations required for our three playable races, as well as more icons and models for needed items. They have completed the model sets needed for the Pottery, Masonry, and Glassblowing skills. Icons were also made for the humans for each of the attributes.

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