Dev Blog #42

December 20th, 2016

Dev Blog #42

This time of year the cold weather is starting to settle in and cups of hot cocoa, or something stronger, keep us company at our computers as we work well past the sun has gone to bed. It’s arguably a productive time a year, in spite of the holiday festivities, and the team has accomplished many new tasks this sprint.

The artists are all working on long-ish projects this sprint such as more complicated animations and models, but they have also finished a few smaller tasks. This includes the model for the raknar egg, the dragon hatchling’s idle swim animation, and the remodeling of our Emerald Needlefang snake. They also took the time to build a test terrain for the programmers, so they could experiment with mesh terrains for our caves and a few other possibilities we aren’t ready to share.

Speaking of the programmers, they have put a cap to a plethora of smaller tasks as well as a few larger ones, and squashed a few bugs to boot. Racial chat is now functioning in game. This means that humans can hear and understand other humans, and the noise they make can be heard by the other races and even mobs (but not understood). Raknar will be able to talk with other raknar, but it is a silent language of pheromones that only they can detect. While dragons are still meant to be solo creatures at the older ages, we are implementing racial chat for them as well. Dragons will be able to communicate with other dragons, while the other races can hear them if they are close. The races cannot communicate with one another.

The HUD settings are now properly reporting the character’s temperature, as well as displaying indicators if the player gets too hot or too cold for their racial comfort level.

Raknar evolutions have been implemented for their size, speed, and attack power. However, the way these evolutions are earned has changed quite a bit. I’m going to cover all the changes we are bringing to the raknar design in next week’s article.

Talonthorn has reached the “final touches” phase of his drafting screen pet-project. When he was first assigned this task, we had no idea what it would grow into down the road. It is truly a fully functional CAD design program within ToA: Exile. He is rightly proud of his work, and we were all blown away by the latest demo video. I hope to have a video to show you all when it is officially complete. We will be releasing a newsletter update at the end of the year. If you haven’t signed up for the newsletter, you will want to do it now before you miss out! Share your thoughts on our development over at