Dev Blog #41

December 6th, 2016

Dev Blog #41

We’ve reached the time of the year where holiday social commitments are demanding time from our team members. But in spite of that, the Forged Chaos team is still chugging along with our progress! Even I was able to contribute to the development of the game this sprint, which was very exciting for me.

I want to remind our fans that I am not a programmer by any stretch of the imagination. However Emrys90 was able to set up repetitive data-entry type things for me to do so that he and the other programmers can focus on adding new features while I go in and add things to the existing ones. Up until now, I have been able to help by creating new items in the game as we have needed them, assign them textures and icons, and adjust their variables for weight, durability, and other attributes.

We recently acquired an asset that saves us a great deal of time on the positioning of equipable items onto the characters by using Mount Points. Where as before we would have to go through almost a half-dozen steps if we wanted to view a change to how the human model held a sword, we can now move a “dot” on an item that snaps to a dot on the human’s hand and then adjust the position and rotation how we see fit. Applying these Mount Points and adjusting their position takes about ¼ of the time that positioning the items took before. Not only that, but we can easily add multiple mount points to each item, so that a different one can be used based on where it attaches to the character. We can add a MP to the handle of a sword for when it is held in the hand, one to the crossguard for when it is stored on the hip, and one to the middle of the blade for when it it stored on the back of the character.

Brax is in the process of finalizing the item list for all the items we will need to have in the game for Early Access. Once he is done with that, I can begin the process of adding the entire inventory of items to Unity along with all their associated data. It is just a drop in the bigger bucket of the entire game development, but I’m thrilled that I am able to help out in addition to my duties as Community Manager.

While I work on data entry stuff, some really amazing progress is coming from the real work-horses of the team.

The programmers have added healing to the game. I mentioned in last week’s article that Wounds have been pushed back for after our initial Early Access launch, but we want to include a way for the races to recover their Hit Points after sustaining damage from combat or the environment. Humans can apply bandages that they can craft using various fabrics, while raknar use their webbing, and dragons consume nuggets and then lick their wounds. Healing does not immediately recover missing Hit Points; instead it accelerates the natural healing rate for the race. Healing cannot be attempted while in combat and if the character receives damage while attempting a healing action, it will cancel the action.

Temperature has also been added to the completed list of features! The islands now have their own ambient temperatures, which vary throughout the day. The hottest part of the day will be noon, while the coldest will be midnight. Storms have a direct impact on the temperature and will cause it to drop. Going into cool water or standing out in the rain will cause a character’s temperature to lower, whereas proximity to fires and wearing clothes will raise it. Allowing your character to become too hot or too cold will come with a variety of negative effects, but those will be added as progress continues.

They have also been researching exactly how we will be cutting our caves into the terrain. Unity doesn’t natively support the folding of terrain required to form them using terrain tools, so plugins or work-arounds need to be found. It may take some time, but I am confident we’ll find a solid solution. The team has also identified several small bugs and made quick work of them.

Meanwhile the art team is beginning to catch up to the programmers in production as our newest team member continues to crank out animations to go with the amazing models and art they are already producing. Models for the woodworking tools, their crafted components AND the craft-ables using the woodworking skill have been completed.

The final touches to the young-stage fire dragon have been added, and it has been rigged up for animations as well. It never ceases to amaze me how much detail the team members can fit in such a limited number of pixels. The team has also made a second pass over the hatchling animations to address any critiques the team had and to smooth out the movement further.

We had a lot to share this week. I hope you all enjoyed it! Share your thoughts with us over at