Dev Blog #40

November 20th, 2016

Dev Blog #40

If you’ve been monitoring our progress through the road map tracker, you will see that we have twenty-seven completed tasks, nineteen underway, and ten still to begin, which is pretty darn close to half if you ask me! And this past sprint has brought us another step closer to checking more tasks off the list.

Before now we needed the very basics that would allow humans to swing a weapon or tool at another object to harvest resources, such as with trees and mining nodes. We also had to have functional hit detection for humans so we could implement life loss, death, and respawning. This week marked the first efforts to focus on the implementation of our real combat features. Thanks to the dedication of our programming team, humans can now block, evade, attack individually with each arm, punch if no weapon is equipped, and alternate attacks trigger when their assigned keys are pressed.

In addition to this, we’ve also changed how evasion works in a small way. Side-to-side evasion still works the same, providing a quick movement to the left or right at the expense of stamina. But we’ve removed forward and backward evasion and replaced it with a forward kick for the humans. This kick attack will “break” a held block, forcing the opponent to return to a combat-idle state.

Dragon hatchlings also have their combat implemented, which leads to hilarious confrontations because of their size. At this point in time, human attacks are directed in front of them, and cannot be “aimed” higher or lower. Hatchlings are well under the “front” area of the human, and so they can freely bite at the ankles of the humans without fear of retribution. Because of their body proportions, it has been determined that hatchlings can only bite for an attack. Their front limbs simply aren’t long enough to reach beyond their faces, making them ineffective for combat.

Progress continues on the drafting window, with permanence added to the designs, and with it, the ability to delete additions and walls that have been added to the blueprint. It is really quite amazing to open the window and assemble the structure inside; like having our very own CAD designer built into ToA: Exile! I think fans that enjoy building in different games will really appreciate the level of control and detail that they will have with blueprints in our game.

The art team isn’t slacking off either! The model for the “Young”-stage dragon has been completed and will soon be ready for animation. I love how the eyes look, I think the art team found a really impressive balance between reptile and magical beast. The webbing of the wing will be replaced with a different texture in the future as it is not required for the animation process. Just in case anyone is curious, it IS rendered over a stock photo, NOT a screen shot.

Speaking of animations, the first set of hatchling combat animations are all completed This includes both attacking and receiving damage from different directions.

The art team has also finished the models for the smithing tools, along with the components needed for both the one-handed and two-handed axes. As always, they have been made to the same impressive standards that we have come to expect from our art team members.

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