Dev Blog #39

November 6th, 2016

Dev Blog #39

I’m thrilled to announce our newest addition to the Forged Chaos team, Tim “CloQuirk” Kistner! CloQuirk has joined the team as an animator and has already made a huge dent in our list of animations. In the short time he has been with the team he has already created nearly a dozen animations for our dragon hatchling. Running, walking, jumping, turning, strafing, attacking, biting, swimming, and creeping. Next blog I should have a sample for you all to see, but for now, here is a size comparison between an unevolved raknar and a pair of hatchlings. I think each of them are about two bites in size, don’t you?

Our programmers continue to make progress on the crafting system, the drafting screen, and with AI, much to the delight of the rest of the team. The different variables at play with crafting now adjust based on the material. For example, replacing iron with arjen increases the difficulty of the item being crafted, and using different wood types change the available fuel levels in the crafting station. The next step is to integrate the variables that directly impact the attributes of the resulting item. This will then result in a give/take effect that the raw materials and crafting character’s skills can amplify or stifle. Some combinations of settings and materials will be nearly impossible for an inexperienced crafter, but as you all know, we aren’t going to lock away anything. Every crafting recipe and material/setting combo will be available to anyone who wants to try, with the difficulty bar cluing them in on their success chances.

The drafting screen has been expanded so that the person designing the blueprint can now create add-ons to attach to a larger structure. Add-ons are any addition to the basic “default” structure; porches, room additions, balconies, porch roofs, roof dormers, and the like. It’s set up so that the designer chooses the base model they like the most, and then can drag and drop the various addons onto the model to customize it to their personal preference. The screen highlights all the places that addons can be attached, which is important since porches can only go on the ground level, and dormers can only go on the roof. The screen is nearly to the point of adding permanence, so that any design created can be saved for creation in the future. The plugin we were using to help us with AI wasn’t working for us, so we have acquired a different one that we believe will be easier to use and won’t have the problems we were having with the old one. The new plugin allows Yevi to construct behavioral trees, which should significantly speed up his progress with the wolves.

In addition to CloQuirk’s animation contributions, the art team has finished the final details on the permadeath screens and created additional component models for the crafting system; this time it’s the blades, hilts, and crossguards for daggers. Next sprint they will be tackling combat animations, visual changes to food as it cooks, and more crafting materials and component models.

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