Dev Blog #38

October 25th, 2016

Dev Blog #38

The team has made many strides this past sprint. The permadeath background screens are finished for the humans and dragons, icons are in production for the crafting menu, and more features have been added to the drafting screen. The art team has also started working on the various component models we will need for crafting after finishing the different types of meat that players will be able to harvest and cook.

Testing this week was a joy as we were able to do more with the trees than in prior builds. Previously, we could chop down trees using a sword and watch the physics roll the trunk down a hill. We are now able to take things two steps further by turning the fallen tree into logs, and then turning those logs into firewood using a 2-handed axe. If saws and planers were fully defined in the game, we could have turned the logs into boards and timbers as well since the logic is there too. But for now it was interesting to be able to harvest firewood and stack it around the island.

We also put the crafting screen through its preliminary paces. We chose recipes to craft, gathered the placeholder resources, and loaded the materials into the screen. Turning the materials into items wasn’t implemented in the build we were testing, so we checked to make sure the system recognized the components for the recipes.

Our formal testing time was cut short due to some complications we encountered with our server, which prevented it from properly running the latest build. This meant we weren’t able to thoroughly test the new nugget harvesting system, but that does give us more to examine at our next test.

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