Dev Blog #35

September 12th, 2016

Dev Blog #35

It’s been well over a year since I accepted the position of Community Manager and began writing the development blogs for the team. Going back and reading those early blogs reminds me of just how far we’ve come, even though we still have a long ways to go to completion. I’m very proud of my teammates and everything they have accomplished over the months we have known one another, and I take great pleasure in sharing our progress with you all.

This sprint new features have been added to the dragon game play; dragons can now build nests and they can fly! Though we are using a placeholder model for the dragons until Altar can finish our own ones, it is still an amazing sight to see them fly through the air; banking, diving, landing, taking off, and even falling to the ground. Future dragon players will need to watch their landing speed!

Progress also continues with the human skill system. Due to some design issues, it has undergone a few changes, but we can cover that when it is all complete. In the game we can now gain skill for harvesting stone and ore resources.

While death and respawning has been in for a while now, we finally have permadeath implemented! It is exciting to see such a keystone feature of the design finally make it into the game. If you’ve been following the game for any length of time, you know how important permadeath is to Forged Chaos. It is something we’ve stuck to since the very beginning of ToA. It was only with the redesign that came with ToA: Exile that we decided to let the players determine the importance of permadeath for their own islands. But be warned, when we launch the official servers, they all will be permadeath servers. It is THAT important to us!

The other additions we have made to the game these past two weeks include more inventory icons, additional work on the Norhaven structure pieces, and work has continued on the AI development.

Yevi, Loestri, and myself worked on getting our hosting server up and running on Saturday. Up until now, Emrys90 has been hosting both our casual and formal testings, so it was new territory for me. I’m pretty sure it was new to Loestri too. We ran into some difficulty until Yevi figured out that the server simply did not have enough RAM to launch the island, and a quick upgrade to the server fixed the matter for us. After that we logged into the game and tested on the dragons. Though it was just a placeholder, animations for walking, running, swimming, and flying were all functioning smoothly as our character’s moved about the island.

Though our testing time was rather short and limited by the setup difficulty, we were able to do a brief test on the nest building and flight. It all seemed to work smoothly, though flight was draining our stamina very quickly; it will take a lot of tweaking to find the sweet spot for dragon stamina.

I hope you all take the time to look back over our older dev blogs like I did and really appreciate how far we’ve come in just the past summer. Share your thoughts with us over at