Dev Blog #32

July 31st, 2016

Dev Blog #32

It’s such a relief to be back to our regular article schedule! I have so much to share with you this week as we’ve added a great deal to the game in only a few weeks. I believe we started with the programmers last time, so we’ll begin with the artists this time.

Altar has made many impressive leaps forward with the modeling of the dragon hatchling and finished it, along with neat eye effects on the hatchling. Since eyes are a customization option, he did them separately from the body of the hatchling. He also finished the texture and UV mapping for the model. As this is all an extremely time consuming endeavor, it is amazing that he has it done in such a short period of time.

Rugnar has started work on the structure piece stages for the Norhaven building. He is using the textures and models he designed earlier this year to do this. These pieces will be the ones that human characters can use to create blueprints. Once the plans are laid, the humans can construct each piece according to the blueprint through three stages. Each stage will require different materials and have a different visual model.

Blitz55 has finished the last of the skill icons he has been working on except for the Swords skill, which he is working on this sprint. Additional tasks will be assigned to him as soon as Brax decides what to put him on next.

Talonthorn has continued to work on the drafting screen, making improvements based on feedback from Brax and the team and including several impressive effects to it. I think you all will be pleased with it when you get to play with it yourselves.

Yevi has spent his time these last two weeks converting us over from Git to BitBucket, because of some problems we were having with the former. But thankfully he had us up and running, even after a few hiccups, and now things are going smoothly.

Emrys90 has put in another impressive sprint and accomplished a whole list of cards for the game. He started by fixing several bugs; walking up trees, collision errors with certain models, character model sliding, unending character harvesting animation, and a few merge conflicts with the master files. He then worked on several performance enhances, such as one related to grass, calls between the client and server, the IK based on camera angle, raknar movement, clamped the max rotation speed in preparation for racial limits we will impose, and the player sync data speed and intervals. He also added underwater swimming for dragons and humans, the ability for raknar to climb on minerals, screens for offline servers, and a button to the server selection window to host a server.

Brax is still interviewing artists for our open positions, as well as making adjustments to how we track team contributions and creating cards for us all to work from and refining the design document as needed by the team.

We have some big things in the pipeline for the current sprint, and I’m looking forward to sharing with you all next time! Share your thoughts on our progress over at