Dev Blog #31

Dev Blog #31

My apologies to you all for the week’s delay on Dev Blog #31. My husband and I recently relocated for a fantastic job opportunity and it took a bit of time to settle in. From here on out we will be back to our regularly scheduled postings and updates. That means two dev blogs in a row!

Talonthorn made several changes to the UI components of the various screens, adjusting font size, sharpness, and such to improve the overall look and readability of the UI windows. He also added function to the “ping” icon on the server selection screen so that it will properly reflect the connection strength between the player’s computer and the hosted server. He also added a few error messages before beginning work on the Drafting window.

The Drafting window is the screen that appears when humans interact with a drafting table. It allows players to make blueprints for structures, which are required to build them.

Emrys90 made huge strides this sprint. He added several sound effects to tree and stone harvesting, added additional logic to the harvesting of the various flora, and began work on the framework to allow swimming. As we’ve discussed before, humans and dragons are able to swim to cross water. Raknar cannot swim and will begin to drown as soon as they enter deep water.

He also made several smaller improvements to the game, including adjustments to name plates, chat font size, falling damage, and added the wall and ceiling climbing to raknar.

Blitz55 finished his work on the icons for the drafting skill, perks, and specialties, and started work on the ones for Metallurgy, Masonry, and Blacksmithing.

Rugnar spent his sprint optimizing the tree tops and creating stumps that will remain when a tree is chopped down. We’ve added stumps to create an additional step to clearing land for construction and for a bit of realism. It felt a little too simplified and “easy” to have a tree simply disappear when chopped down. Now, if a human wants to build a building, they will need to chop the trees down and then clear out the stumps as well as any bushes before they can use their blueprint to create a construction site for the structure.

Altar continues to make impressive strides with the fire dragon hatchling model. It is really coming to life, and I am super excited to show it to you all when he finishes it. That is if Brax doesn’t want to save it for a surprise for the testers!

Next week we’ll be back with another dev blog to put us back on schedule. Until then, be sure to share your thoughts on our progress over at