Dev Blog #30

July 3rd, 2016

Dev Blog #30

With the wrap up of June, the team has made great progress that I am eager to share with you all!

We’ll start with the art team this week. Altar has completed the concept art for both a set of clothing and a set of leather armor. The cloth set would be considered light and wouldn’t provide much protection against the cold winds of an arctic biome, but would give excellent coverage against a bright, burning desert. He will not be modeling these sets at the moment, because he has been assigned to start modeling the dragon hatchling! Altar is very pleased with it, as he has wanted to work on the dragon models since joining the team back in January.

Blitz55 created all the icons for the logging, mining, and carpentry skill windows, and they look really nice! I’m always a little surprised how much detail he’s able to put into each icon, since he is working with such limited space. Here are a few samples of his latest work.

Rugnar has been busy with several changes to our tree models. We’ve had a few issues with their colliders and some flora didn’t have any colliders at all. He also worked on dead versions of all our trees so that we can have a complete life-cycle for them.

Orion McDuff is back from some personal time, and is tackling our first attempts at artificial intelligence! AI is one of the largest sections of the game’s design document, so this is most definitely a long-term project for him. It will be exciting to see his progress over the next several sprints. He’s starting with wolves, since we have prefab models and animations for them, thus we will not need the art team to make custom ones for him.

Talonthorn worked on several quality adjustments to the skill screen and island creation screen, in addition to a bit of code clean-up. He also implemented the icons to the skill screen as Blitz55 finished them. Previously we had a glowing progress ring around the Challenge/specialization icons on the skill screen, but no one really cared for it, so he’s replaced it with something that fits the style better.

Emrys90 use his time this sprint to make several small adjustments to the HUD, changed out some sound effects, and refined the spawn density of the flora. He set up the basics of the fauna spawning system so that it is in place for when Orion McDuff needs it. He also added several more system messages and has started work on a small feature that we want to save as a surprise for our testers. I think most of you will like it and appreciate what it adds to the ambience of the game. he also has torches working, so that humans can find their way in the night. It’s very cool to see the light they cast as we moved through the forests during testing.

Yevi worked with Brax this week to try to figure out why we have been running into technical problems with our GitLab server. He was confident that a few adjustments and a reboot fixed the errors. At last report all is running smoothly. Great job Yevi!

He then spent the remaining part of the sprint working with our hosted server. Yevi worked with Emrys90 to get him set up as an admin as well, and then looked for ways of slimming the server down so we can downgrade to a smaller, less expensive one. We still need to test it to ensure that it will support a reasonable load, but if all goes well it will save Brax and Loestri on the out-of-pocket expense.

I gotta give a quick shout out for our team leaders. Every expense the team runs into, Brax and Loestri handle it from their own pockets. They pay for the licenses we need to use valuable programs and services, they purchase assets for us, and they also pay for the valuable time-saving plugins that our programmers incorporate into ToA: Exile. Without their willingness to do so, we would not be able to include all the smaller but meaningful features we will have that help the game feel alive.

Brax has also been busy interviewing different applicants for our three open artist positions. He hasn’t found anyone who would be a great fit for the team, so if you have the skills we need and are interested in joining Forged Chaos, be sure to check out

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