Dev Blog #29

Dev Blog #29

I’ll start this sprint’s blog with a quick notice in case anyone missed our announcement earlier this week. We are seeking three additional 3D artists to join our team. We are looking for a user interface/user experience artist, an organic modeler, and an animator who has experience with mecanim. The creation of art assets has become our greatest hurdle to significant visual progress.

That isn’t to say we aren’t making great progress! Yevi continued his work on encryption for the launcher. This is particularly challenging, but is vital to protecting customer information. At the same time, he has also been helping the other programmers with the database, since Orion McDuff is taking time off.

Emrys90 finished the setup for the day/night cycle. While we did have this feature for the demo in 2014, that version of the feature was client side and couldn’t be controlled by the server. Emrys90’s work is server side and can be easily adjusted so that we can tie it to the server options for server hosts. We were able to test this feature, as well as initial weather settings, after our last meeting. Torches haven’t been implemented yet, so we stumbled around in the darkness during the night. It was amusing to watch the stars and moon move across the sky, fall off of cliffs, and run into trees as well as one another as we waited for dawn to approach. I am looking forward to moonlight and moon phases that influence the nighttime light levels. But keep in mind, even with a little light from the moon, humans will still find themselves functionally blind at night without a local source of light!

TalonThorn has completely finished the skill screen for the humans and has brought it into the game. All that is left is to connect the skills and challenges to it, which requires us to finish those features first. He has also started work on the island creation screen based on the mock-up we shared with you all last week. As always, he works quickly and puts in a great deal of time in every week.

The art team continues to make progress on their front as well. Rugnar finished his work on a bow and arrow set. The set includes a long bow, arrows, and a quiver to carry the arrows in. Bows can only be stored on your human character’s back, while arrows can go into the inventory or into a quiver. The quiver can go either on your back or hang at your hips.

Altar continues to work on concept art for the leather armor set. He will soon begin work on the modelling of the armor. Meanwhile, Blitz55 is making progress through the skill icons.

Brax has spent some time working on a new road map page that we hope will make it easier to track our progress, since it will have everything on it that we want to have ready for the Early Access version of the game.

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