Dev Blog #28

June 5th, 2016

Dev Blog #28

This past sprint the Forged Chaos team sent out surveys to fans who donated to our fund raising campaigns back in 2014. We were very excited to do so, as it marked the first step of our journey in alpha testing ToA:Exile with our fans. What really amazed us was the amount of responses we received in just a week’s time. Of the 300+ emails we sent out, 125 have completed the survey! That is amazing and we’re thrilled with the results! With the information provided, we can now work to establish a strong baseline that will ideally allow the majority to have a smooth and responsive play experience.

Here are a few statistics that you might find interesting; Respondents are all over the world, with the majority in the US, the UK coming in second, and Canada third; 60% are running Windows 10; 25% intend to use a game controller to test with; over half prefer to use 1920x1080 for their screen resolution; and NONE of you are using dial up! Thank goodness for that!

The next hurdle between us and our first test is the launcher. Yevi was able to commit a great deal of time to progressing on it, and finished much of it during the holiday weekend. He has the master server, that’s the server that handles the login progress, properly querying the database, created a library to handle all the logic that goes on behind the scenes, and has the login screen logging into the master server. Together he and Emrys90 discussed networking issues. All that is left is to encrypt the whole business and the log-in process will be complete.

Speaking of networking, I wouldn’t feel right mentioning it without also mentioning how much of it must be built from scratch by Emrys90 thanks to various shortcomings with Unity’s native network code. It’s a great deal of work for him, but he tackles it like the professional he is, and he is always finding ways to help improve our network performance. His work with the networking, more than anything else, will ultimately determine how many connections we will be able to allow per island.

In addition to network programming, Emrys90 finished up his work with boulder spawning. Now instead of randomly dotting the landscape, boulders can spawn in various sizes and clusters, providing an easy access source of stone for human craftsmen. He’ll be tackling the networking of the character selection screen this sprint.

As our unofficial “UI Guy”, Talonthorn is working with Brax to bring all of our UI to life. He’s responsible for the UI of the launcher, the character selection UI, the character creation UI, the server selection UI, and he recently finished all the work for the skill UI. He and Brax are currently designing the island creation screen, and they were kind enough to give me a mock-up to share with you all. Please keep in mind that the early design phase for this screen is underway and much of it will change in the near future.

The art team has also been busy this sprint. Blitz55 continues his work on the skill icons for the skill UI that Talonthorn finished building. I hope that by the end of this sprint he may have enough done to show off to you all.

Altar has been busy working on equipment, first with enhancements to the plate mail, then later he worked with Blitz55 to design several leather and cloth outfits which they presented to the team at our last meeting. Brax chose a cloth and leather set he wants him to focus on as the first craftable sets for the game.

This sprint was a lot of behind-the-scenes work so I don’t have many pictures for you. I’ll try harder next week to get something new for you all to look at! Please share your thoughts and questions over at