Dev Blog #27

May 22nd, 2016

Dev Blog #27

A great deal of progress was made this last sprint, so let us see how much I can recall to share with you all!

Here is the model and skin for our basic dagger, made for us by Rugnar, based on concept art that Blitz55 made way back when. This is a combat-type dagger, but it can be used as a skinning knife, a butchering tool, and for gathering resources from plants. For craftsmen to make it, they will need a forge, a dagger blade, and a dagger hilt. The hilt itself would require a crossguard, a pommel, a wooden grip, and a leather wrap to create. The dagger is the fastest of all the weapons we have planned at this time, but it also does the least amount of damage per attack.

Rugnar has also modeled and skinned a shield for us this sprint. I’ll leave the details for the shield off the table for now, so that you all can discover it for yourself once you start playing the game. He’ll be tackling a bow, arrows, and a quiver for the new sprint.

I mentioned last time that Altar has finished up with the evisceraptor. Since then he’s been assigned to improving the appearance of our plate armor. Our original plate armor model swapped the skin of the human under it with a chain-mail pattern. While it looked very good, it interfered with the layering we wanted to use for human equipment and it needed to be broken up into different pieces for each “slot”.

So Altar drafted out the concept art for a different look using leather instead of mail. Then he started modeling out the pieces. Below is the leather that will go under the thigh plates of the armor. I love how he’s textured the leather with a semi-glossy surface while keeping the rough and matte texture to the thread. Very impressive work, Altar! I’m looking forward to see what he comes up with for the other pieces that need his help.

Blitz55 is continuing to work on the skill icons for us. He has finished several of the background icons for the skills, and will continue to work on them before beginning the specialty and perk icons. Below are the background icons for cooking, drafting, and metallurgy.

Talonthorn has put the final touches on the skill screen design in his editor and will be converting it over into Unity very soon. His work has been very impressive and it really shows the great deal of time and effort he’s given to the project. I know whatever task Brax sets him to next will benefit from the same commitment to quality that he put forward on all the other UI he’s completed.

I’ve been enlisted to create descriptions for skills, challenges, and perks for the first of the skill system. It’s a great deal of fun to come up with lively descriptions for each of the skills, specialties, and perks. If nothing else comes down the line that I can assist with, I will ask Brax if I can continue with the other skills so that we have it ready when we want to add new skills.

Yevi made progress on the launcher, allowing Brax to check off the first requirement of the roadmap for account creation. He told me that he was ready to make a significant dent in the work to get account creation and authentication work.

As usual, Emrys90 has had a very productive two weeks. He’s spent a great deal of time with many quality of life changes following our post-meeting testing events. For example, there has been a great deal of discussion about how our boulder resources spawn and how they can look more natural, which results in great deal of fine-tuning for him. He has also added several new key commands, such as “Escape” canceling out of windows and F12 being assigned as our screenshot key. Unity won’t allow us to assign screenshots to “Print Screen”, their reason being that not every keyboard has a “Print Screen” key. Players who would rather use that over the F12 can reassign the key through their options window.

Along with that, he has implemented the “/intro” command. This typed command will cause your character to introduce themselves to anyone near-by who does not already have him or her named. This command would not overwrite someone who is already named. It defaults to the name you gave your character at creation, but you can override the default with a fake name if you wish by adding it after the command. For example: “/intro Bob” would cause players who don’t have your character named already to automatically name you “Bob”. Right now this command can only be used by humans with other humans, but this could change in the future.

Brax and Loestri are reviewing the alpha testing survey that the team put together to send out to our backers. If everything goes to plan, we will be sending out the surveys to all our backers this coming week. Please keep in mind that the survey invitation is for us to evaluate the interest levels of our previous backers; they are NOT direct invitations to test! We will be using the response of completing the surveys to judge how many backer tiers are invited into the first wave of testing. If you receive a survey, please fill it out honestly; your responses to the questions will provide us with valuable information that we will need to help us prepare for the first testing event.

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