Dev Blog #26

May 8th, 2016

Dev Blog #26

The team accomplished a great deal this last sprint, so we’ll dive right in with the sharing!

Rugnar created sandstone and granite boulders to spread around the landscape of the island. We’re exploring using boulders on the island instead of the original plans of having the flat stone dishes hidden in the landscape. We may still use them in the future, but for now, it’s interesting to experiment. Rugnar also created the model for the two-handed axe. This is our second axe that we have planned for early access, the first being a less-impressive wood axe.

Altar put the final touches on the evisceraptor and it looks amazing! Unfortunately I’ve been over-ridden by Brax and cannot share it with you, yet. He wants our fans first sightings of this creature to be when it’s breathing down their necks in-game. But as our first mob model ever produced by the team, I think we would be allowed to brag just a tiny bit about how great it looks.

Blitz55 is continuing his work on the skill icons. He’s already spent a few sprints on these icons, but there are so many that he’s likely to continue work on them for many more. Good luck Blitz, we know you can do it!

Orion McDuff has been working on squashing a variety of bugs that have cropped up with merging, as well as assisting TalonThorn with a bug of his own. Now that the pressure is off a bit at his day-job, he hopes to be able to contribute more in the future sprints.

Speaking of TalonThorn, he has been a very busy pixie this last sprint. He’s making great progress with the skills window and is likely to be finished with it this sprint. Once Blitz55 finishes enough of the icons for us to replace the place-holders he is using, I will share a picture of it with you all. I think those of you who intend to play humans will find it fills the purpose or sharing skill info and looks good while doing it.

Yevi finished his committed tasks with work on the master server and successfully integrated all the old master server stuff into the new one. It’s exciting because it means we are one step closer to having account creation, which is necessary for us to begin public testing with our backers. Yevi’s plans for this sprint is to continue work on the launcher and he believes that he can continue to make solid progress.

Last, but never least, are Emrys90’s contributions. This last sprint he worked on mineral spawning and harvesting, as well as fixing a bug with the inverse kinematics, updated the bedrolls so that they use the new models and have a visual effect when claimed, and added status icons. He has a variety of tasks he will tackle this next sprint, including the ability to take and save screenshots in-game, adjustments to the boulders, and whatever else he feels he can tackle.

During our testing this week we spent time alternating between chasing one another and testing out the mining harvesting mechanics. The current resource nodes for mining are limited to large boulders, which make the landscape look less pleasing than it did before their introduction. Many suggestions came up to on how to make things look more natural and less scattered.

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