Dev Blog #24

April 10th, 2016

Dev Blog #24

It’s been another great week for progress. We’ll start with the Art team again this time, but we’re going to hold back on the pictures because we want it all to be a surprise for the upcoming tests.

Altar finished up his work on the human animations for the time being with the human death animation. Thanks to his effort, we now have animations to replace most of the place holders we were using before in our testing. He also made revisions to the male platemail model during the sprint. For the new sprint he will go back to the Evisceraptor model to feather it.

Blitz55 started work on art for the human skill UI and has finished the first stages of it. He starts work on the plethora of icons that will be needed for the challenges and perks this week. He is also working on the death screen players will see when their character dies.

Rugnar has completed the models and textures for the knapsack, club, pouch, and bark paper. He has several more items that he will be working on during this sprint.

Talonthorn has been converting all his UI work for the launcher into Unity. He is now working on a few optimizations along with filters and scroll bars.

Yevi continues to work on the launcher, though his available time is limited. He will continue to work on it until he is finished.

Emrys90 has implemented unconsciousness and death into the game. He has also debugged the spawning system so that our plants and trees will spawn properly on server launch. He set up several sound effects and optimized them based on feedback from Brax, and improved networking with the new island.

Preparation for the upcoming testing is still in the works and we do not yet have a set date for our first test. As soon as we do, we will send out the testing survey for our backers to fill out.

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