Design Discussion: Island Creation

June 12th, 2016

Design Discussion: Island Creation

Last week we shared a mock-up of the island creation window that server owners will view when they go to create their island. This week we’re going to take a closer look at all the options we plan to offer for early access, and discuss additional options we hope to have for server owners in the future. The island creation screen is only viewable by server-hosts when they are first setting up their servers or if they wipe and reset their island.

As you can see, the screen is broken down into different sections. The “Access” section restricts access to your server. By default, all servers will appear on the server selection screen where everyone can see it. However, server hosts can restrict access to it using a password. Here they can also adjust how many characters a player is allowed to have on their server, and how many simultaneous connections they wish to allow. Right now the hard limit is 64 connections; we are hoping with further testing and optimization we can increase that number significantly.

For this section, we are considering including an option to allow a server to be hidden from public view and only available through a direct IP connect. It is not being included at this time because it will require work on several different windows and isn’t necessary at this time.

The next section is “Races”. Here you will be able to choose which races you wish to allow players to play on your server. Clicking on the racial icons will toggle a race on and off. At least one race must be toggled on to create an island. This area will expand in the future if we add additional races.

The bottom left of the screen is the “Death” section. Right now the only option here is the number of Life Counters you wish to allow on your server. Life Counters limit the number of times a character can die before perma-death kicks in and prevents further play of the character. Choosing “0” will mean that the characters will never perma-die. In the future this section would also include options for alternative death penalties.

The center column is all about options for the physical attributes of your island, and so is labeled “Island”. Here you will name your island with a unique name of your choosing, as well as a description that players can read about your island. You can then choose the biome of your island, and select through several pre-made island shapes. Right now, the only biome available is “forest”, but eventually there will be arctic, desert, jungle, and so on. Some shapes will be relatively flat, while others will have a great deal of altitude variation. We also hope to offer different sizes and possibly a few that are small clusters of very small islands. Each different island shape will have a name that you can search for, in case you have a favorite.

On the right of the screen are more options for your island. You can choose how long each game-day lasts on your island using whole minutes. If you choose 60 minutes, you’ll have the sun rising and setting every real-life hour; if you choose 1440 minutes, a day on your island will take a whole real-life day to pass. Under that is the day to night ratio slider. Here you can choose how long the day and night are in relation to each other on your island. If you want to make the days last longer so your humans don’t need so many torches, push the bar to the left. Move the slider to the right and your island becomes ideal for the dark-loving raknar. But no matter how far you adjust the slider, you will always have some day or some night.

Next is the weather setting. You will be able to choose whether or not you want calm weather for your island or more erratic, stormy weather. This is an important feature since all races need to seek shelter during storms and wildlife can be negatively impacted by the weather as well.

Below that are six different settings that influence how resources appear on your island. The three density settings determine how much of a resource can be present at one time. The regeneration setting determines how quickly those resources respawn when the current amount is below its density setting. Both of these settings have a strong influence on how “difficult” survival will be on your island. Plentiful flora and minerals will make survival easier for humans, while dragons and raknar would feel a more pronounced effect with low fauna settings.

The final setting is for cave quantity. You’ll be able to choose if you want none, some, many, or a multitude. We hope to be able to add different cave settings in the future, such as depth, number of caverns, and perhaps even their own flora, fauna, and mineral settings too.

Are there any options you think we missed? Share your thoughts with us over at