Build 0.12

Build 0.12

The focus of the last two builds was on improving overall gameplay, fixing quality of life issues that rose up, and on laying the groundwork for the dragon improvements we have planned. But since most of that work is very programming-centric, the art team has been working on what they do best; models and animation!

They started with new customization options for the raknar and dragons, giving our players more eye and skin colors to choose from when they create a new character. My personal favorite is the green skin for the raknar and the charcoal color for the dragon. I’m still undecided on my favorite eye colors, though onyx does look good with the charcoal.

The hatchling animations received a lot of love from the animators in this build, and dragon players will notice the overall improvement when they go to raise their new-colored hatchling. The improvements include adjustments to the digging and swimming animations, the strafing animations, and the falling animation. They should all appear more natural and less twitchy.

Dragons weren’t the only ones to get animation improvements. Both the human and raknar received much needed healing animations. The humans also received a better sleeping animation and nearly a dozen emotes! You can see the complete list in this build’s changelog. The human model received his shoulder fix, and tweaks were made to most of his animations to work with that change, though it is still a work in progress.

The walk and run speeds of the Juvenile dragon have been adjusted to better match its size and animations. We’ve also slowed dragons’ max flight speed down, while increasing the Juvenile’s max climb speed while airborne. We think that these changes will give a better feel to flying, and we look forward to hearing your feedback on it! While we’re on the topic of flying, thank you to everyone who reported the bug with the Dragons’ flying ability; we are trying to identify why that ability seems to be having issues while the other dragon abilities are working as intended. As soon as we have a fix for it, we will let you all know!

Since raknar webbing was seriously tanking performance, we have introduced a decay mechanic to it. Raknar webbing will now last anywhere from 16 to 48 hours, based on the individual raknar’s Webbing evolution. We have plans to expand on raknar webbing in the future, along with other improvements for their game play once we finish our initial dragon improvements.

The new design elements for the dragons are coming along nicely. Though they are not useable yet, new dragon “stations” and items have been added to the game in preparation for the new mechanics. Dragons will also now be limited to a single nest, in preparation for the new nest changes our programmers are working on now. Dragons who have multiple completed nests will be able to continue to use them for the time being, but any new nest built will cause the previous nests to become abandoned.

Many other general improvements have been made to the game. We’ve toned down the motion blur and light shafts, adjusted terrain to create a more organic appearance, and added two new smaller islands to the Lost Isle map. They are significantly smaller than the main island, with the first able to fit a few houses and the second could permit a small, if very close, village. To find these new islands you will need to explore by flying or swimming. Though as I type this I am sure some enterprising raknar may find a way to reach them that we did not expect!

Ever since we implemented the particle effect for hit detection, a blood/gore toggle option has been a popular request, so we’ve implemented one for you all! We’ve also increased the stack size of many items, improved the radius of the campfire light, made small changes to the torches, and made several more small quality of life improvements.

You can check out the other changes for this build at Thank you for your interest in our game and for your continued support. Feel free to share your thoughts with us in our forums at