2017, By The Numbers

2017, By The Numbers

As another year comes to a close, it is only natural for us to reflect and consider all the things it entailed. The wins, the losses, opportunities presented and what we did with them, goals achieved or missed. The list goes on.

It goes without saying—but here I am saying it anyway—that ToA: Exile has been the focus of our team of scallywags. It’s been a year of years with incredible highs and painful lows. We’ve reached many milestones and overcome countless hurdles. We’ve faced issues that would crush a lesser team and have grown stronger from it. We’ve had our setbacks, sure, but this team is poised to make great things happen. Here are hopefully some interesting facts and other tidbits about the 2017 shenanigans of this team we call Forged Chaos.…

The team logged 4,261 hours of work over 821 Trello cards. That’s an average of 5.2 hours of work logged per card. That is also an average of 32.8 cards worth of work completed per sprint over 2017.

We logged 548 person hours of meeting time. That time is not counted in the above mentioned logged work hours. The majority of this comes from our Wednesday evening Skype meetings where we discuss the sprint, any issues anyone is having, jumping into the latest build, etc.

Most hours logged in a single sprint: 287.3 (sprint 61)

Least hours logged in a single sprint: 91.3 (sprint 49)

Most cards completed in a single sprint: 50 (sprint 48)

Least cards completed in a single sprint: 16 (sprint 55)

We found, verified and logged 166 bugs. We squished 94 of them, meaning we squish an average of 3.8 bugs per sprint.

Most bugs squished in a single sprint: 15 (sprint 60)

Least bugs squished in a single sprint: 0 (tied: sprints 44-46, 49, 55, 59)

We are currently on build #311. This means the engineering team has coded countless lines of code (sorry, I don’t have a line count), integrated the many art assets created, and done code reviews at least 311 times. Ka-POW!

The art team managed to create 105 icons, 11 GUI sets, concepted 8 items (don’t need a lot of concepts at this point) and modeled and textured 257 assets. Even though we struggled to find an animator, there are still a solid 219 animations sitting in our repository from 2017. We now are very solid in the animation department and have already witnessed a large uptick in progress.

Here is a screenshot of our Trello history board (completed cards) for 2017. We had to stitch together a number of screens to get it all to fit and even so there are some lists that are too tall to fit, but hopefully this gives you an idea of what we’ve accomplished.

Tasks completed in 2017
Tasks completed in 2017

Gathering the data for this blog has been a real eye opener. I knew we’d have some nice numbers to post but reviewing the cards and being able to see a picture of our timeline of 2017 is really inspiring. We’ve come such a long way in what now feels like a very short amount of time!

2018: The Year of Exile!

I can say with 100% confidence that Exile will launch in 2018. Due to past experiences, I will not be announcing specific dates until we are absolutely ready. However, know that we are very close to bringing in the first wave of testers to help us find bugs, give us design feedback, and to just have a good time with as we continue to improve everything before the Early Access launch. More to come on the details of testing and how you can get involved.

We hope 2017 has been kind to you as it has been to us and we very much look forward to seeing you on the islands of Exile in 2018!

Please feel free to share your thoughts with us on our forums.