When you can lose your character forever, healing becomes extremely important. See how we've designed healing to fill such an invaluable role.

Lore Contest Winner Announced

The entries were fantastic and the results couldn't have been any closer!

Podcast - Crafting

Listen as we get into the details of our crafting system!

1000 Forum Members!

Can you all be any more awesome?!

Lore Contest

We're looking for storytellers that want to try their hand at spinning a tale. The winning story will be spun into the official lore of TerVarus!

Podcast - Survival and Q&A

In our second podcast we offer up design tidbits and insights on how to survive in TerVarus followed by answering some of your questions.

Settlements: Finer Points

In the last installment of our settlement series, we cover some finer points of the popular feature.

Q&A Podcast (our first!)

In our very first podcast, we sat around the design table and answered many of your questions.


TerVarus is shaping up to be a big world so we thought it only fair to share how you'll make your way around it.


See why it's so important and how it's far more in-depth than you're probably thinking.

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