Plagues & Diseases

Varl explains the details and benefits (yes, benefits!) of plagues and diseases that inhabit TerVarus.

Help Us Name The New Area!

Submit your name suggestions for the new area that you earned during our first ToA Challenge!

ToA Challenge!

We need as many people as possible to know about ToA and we are challenging you to help us out.

An Impromptu Podcast

An unexpected, candid, unedited, funny podcast covering a wide range of topics.

Podcast - Resource Gathering

If the economy is the engine of a MMO world, the resource gatherers are the fuel. Learn how they will fuel the world of TerVarus!

Permission System

Not much has been said about ToA's permission system - until now!

Podcast - Dynamic Spawning

A cornerstone feature that doesn't seem to get much love is dynamic spawning. This podcast should turn that around!

Crossword Puzzle Contest Winners Announced

We're announcing the winners early! See if you won one of the five survival caches!


Information just became a commodity in ToA.

Podcast - Structures

Our structures podcast covers a ton of information in a short amount of time! Grab some coffee and enjoy!

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