Website Changes

Some modifications were recently made to the website.

Why Subscribe?

With so much focus on free-to-play by today's MMOs, why are we sticking with the subscription model?

2000 Forum Members!

At 2:55AM local time, we crossed another milestone.

Results of the “In Your Words” Challenge

Its like dynamite - a small amount can make quite a big bang!

ToA Challenge - In Your Words

Your mission is simple -- pick up a video camera and tell the world, in your own words, why they should consider ToA.

Q&A Video Podcast

We answer (nearly) all your questions in our first video podcast. Enjoy!

ToA Wiki Online!

The unofficial yet highly-endorsed wiki of ToA is online.

Keep Up To Date

We just made getting a hold of you a whole lot easier!

Plagues & Diseases

Varl explains the details and benefits (yes, benefits!) of plagues and diseases that inhabit TerVarus.

Help Us Name The New Area!

Submit your name suggestions for the new area that you earned during our first ToA Challenge!

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