Trials of Ascension

What Is Trials of Ascension?

Trials of Ascension is a player-driven sandbox MMORPG currently in development for the PC and Mac. It is set in the fantasy world of TerVarus that promises a fun, immersive, and challenging experience for players brave enough to step outside the industry mold.

Core Features

Skill System

ToA will offer a skill system without classes. You will gain mastery of your skills by practicing them. This allows an unlimited amount of customization.[more]


Every time you use a skill there is a chance you will receive an innovation. An innovation is the sudden discovery -- available to only your character -- of how to enhance a craftable item, how to create a new item, a new skill technique, or even a new skill! [more]


Crafting is an elaborate system where the creation of nearly every item is a multi-step process and will take the cooperation of many crafters to create the best quality items. [more]

Combat & Death

ToA offers open PvP. Use this freedom wisely as there will be no 'conning' system and you are held accountable for your actions via a reputation system. Die too many times and your character will face mortality. [more on combat] / [more on death]

Dynamic Spawning

You will not see the same creatures, plants and trees, or even dungeons spawning over and over again in a given location. Instead, they will spawn according to the local climate, nearby civilizations and a host of other variables. [more]


Delving into the arcane arts will take you on a long, dangerous and costly journey where you will craft your own spell book, learn arcane symbology, search for rare components, and even dare to disturb powerful arcane creatures! [more]

Settlements & Kingdoms

Lay claim to a plot of land and start your own settlement. Build it in any manner you see fit. Control tax rates. Sell plots of land to your citizens for them to build their private homes or shops. Expand it into a kingdom by claiming, or conquering, more land. The possibilities are endless! [more]


Players will be able to build structures ranging from a small wooden house to the largest of stone keeps. Building a structure is an involved process that will take significant resources and is sure to keep many talented craftsmen busy around the clock. [more]

All content subject to change as development continues.