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Young Dragon Gliding

Discussion in 'Gameplay Discussion & Feedback' started by fogwip, Oct 3, 2018.

  1. fogwip

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    So, as of the current game build, young dragons can still fly- true, altitude-gaining flight- if they launch from a high enough hill. While still pretty cool, it's my understanding that they're not supposed to be able to do that. So, I have a few suggestions as to how to keep them from true flight

    1) The most realistic method would be to make it so, once airborne, they were locked at a constant speed and could not flap to increase it, only brake to decrease it. This would also mean their speed would not decrease on its own, so they wouldn't need to flap to keep from stalling and freefalling. In real life, gliding seabirds and planes don't have to put in any kind of energy to stay aloft, so this seems like the most realistic option. The con for this being that flight would be much easier, and while you could add aion/archeage-like mechanics like tilting forwards and backwards at key moments to increase the duration of the glide, it wouldn't be as skill-based as the current version.

    2) The main problem I see with young dragons being able to fly is that, once airborne, you regain stamina faster than you lose speed. You're able to flap for a split second, gain some speed to glide for a bit, then flap slightly more to gain more speed, etc. It's slow, but there is absolutely stamina gain while in flight. The answer to this being to either lower stamina gain, increase the stamina required for flapping, or prevent young dragons from regaining stamina at all while in flight.

    2A) Lowering stamina gain while in flight partially depends on the goal of gliding. Should a dragon be able to glide as long as it's able before hitting the ground, or should it eventually run out of stamina and plummet? If the former, stamina gain should be perfectly equal to the height potentially gained per stamina. A skilled player could potentially glide forever, and would be unable to gain altitude, but also wouldn't lose any. On the other hand, making the stamina gain less than the altitude gained would cause a player to not have the stamina required to keep from freefalling, and plummet if they dared jump off too high a cliff.

    2B) Pretty much the same point as above, it'd just work slightly differently. Instead of having short glides, a player would have to flap pretty much constantly, gliding in a series of parabolic arcs, and be exhausted once they hit the ground. This would be one of the most skill-based methods, and leaves players very little stamina with which to maneuver a safe landing.

    2C) Preventing stamina gain in flight entirely would be one of the most surefire methods to prevent true flight, but it does have some drawbacks. First off, takeoff currently takes a dragon's entire stamina bar. With this method, using the entire stamina bar for takeoff would pretty much prevent glides entirely, so a dragon would need to start the glide with some stamina. Secondly, this would absolutely cause a dragon who flew from too high a cliff to eventually plummet. This is probably the most difficult and skill-based method of gliding, since a player would have to ration out their stamina carefully to come to a safe landing.

    3) Finally, the potentially easiest method- keep all mechanics the same as they are currently, and just make young dragons unable to gain altitude while in flight. Similarly to 2A, a player absolutely could keep gliding forever at a constant altitude, and just be unable to rise at all. This would also give players the most flexibility while landing, as a long enough glide could end up with a full stamina bar with which to maneuver towards the ground.

    So, those are all the ideas I've come up with. There may be more, but those are the easiest ones that occurred to me offhand. Thank you for reading!
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  2. Vahrokh

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    To be honest, young flight is fairly "locked" as is and require a certain amount of experience to "fool the system" and fly.

    I would not touch it any further. If we look at real gliders, they have fixed wings but can gain altitude by using ascensional winds. Same for large birds. In ToA there are no winds to gain altitude. Leave at least the ability to glide at a certain height. As it is now it feels Ok to me.

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