What A Long Time It's Been

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Bruxail, Nov 18, 2017.

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    I just got rewarded my 5 year badge and it got me thinking about how long I have followed Trials of Ascension. Way back when I remember a post on another gaming board by Xerin about this great MMO concept and I went over that same day. I can't even remember how long ago that was, at least 10 but I am thinking more. What a whirlwind we have been through and I am hoping it comes to a start sometime next year.
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    I feel old, in a good way though, in a nursing a choice Dwarven ale by the hearth sort of way.
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    I feel you @Bruxail. Ive never followed a game so much or been so excited for a game like I am for this one.
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    I remember finding ToA back in the old days when my group of gaming friends were on the search for the "ultimate MMORPG". One that was all PVP, would challenge us as players; where could influence the storyline and really make an impact on the world. We found TOA on mmorpg.com and checked it out. The rest is history :D
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    Heh, it has been so long that I cannot remember how I found about ToA originally.
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  6. Jeremy@AmidsTheLight

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    I just got my 4 year badge and I'm proud of it. As I've talked about many times I came in with a wave of interested players after PeevePeeverson' s vlog on his excitement on how we could "slay kings" if we wanted to. He was an Ultima Online player like most of the staff and members here, and this seem to be the next evolution as far as MMOs go. I unfortunately never played that one, although, having just been introduced to the Theme-Park style MMO just prior to that, I was hungry for a true RPG in the sense of where you can have a role that effects the world like Elyissa mentioned. Much has happened to me in these 4 years - I had a son, I got married, bought a house, lost my father - and still holding on to hope I'll play Trials of Ascension.

    Another thing I was looking for was a sense of being invovled in a community which I found here. Since the forums have gone a little quiet in recent times I have been role-playing on an Amino, but I still check in. I thought about starting a ToA Amino for role-playing, but I'd need some assistance to keep it as unofficially official as possible. If anyone is interested please send me a PM.

    Lastly, I found a passion for writing here. I've definitely improved since I made my way here and I continue to look for avenues to keep improving in my writing. My ambition was to write a full length novel (despite my insistence on keeping the old pantheon in the lore) by the time the game was releasing. I still dream about it, but that project would require me to find a better job so I had more time. Life takes over sometimes, but I'm still writing when I can.

    Cheers Brux!
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    Has been a while, hasn't it.
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    Look at all these familiar meatbags!
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    haha its been awhile yes :)
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