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Targaryens - Discord (real)

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by BazrakeArchdemon, Mar 16, 2019.

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    This is the person who is going to host the ToA give-aways,
    so join the discord and the more people that joins in the more ToA games will be given away

    every 7 users that stays and Fills out the roles that they are required there will be 1 Copy of ToA game that will be Given away to the community. So If you want to have a Chance to help the game grow and get the game get your friends :) I waited about a month and i won 2 games from the contest he did. two worlds II and a starwars lego game..

    I know how is this real? People are just kind hearted people.. After you emote in the giveaways when the emote limit is reached he gives the Item away to said person as you see i entered this one and my gf got the prize of 3 video games.


    ✵ Discord https://discord.gg/7wDZab9
    ✵ Current Members: 100 + Members 30 Streamers
    ✵Requirements Fill out > #gamer-tags-⇠⇠⇠#role-sign-up-⇠⇠⇠ #what-do-you-play-⇠⇠⇠ #na-eu-role-⇠⇠⇠
    ✵About the Discord > All Ages Allowed - Drama free there's never been a fight - Match Making for games of different types - Finding New People to play with - Streamers we've got a lot of them we help one another out grow and give advice - special thing we do a lot of giveaways 2018-2019 we've done $7000 in giveaways . There's a lot more to the discord its up to you rather or not you want to explore it.
    ✵Weekly Events > Special things they very quite bit from one on one help with becoming a streamer to $200 giveaways hard to really say what type of event its always a random one but always a good one
    ✵Ways to Join > Finding us on twitch / Youtube / https://www.targaryentv.com/ / or direct invites

    (Again i know it looks Sketchy and i know Sketchy, but this guy is the real thing altogether)
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