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Hi There

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Simaris, Sep 11, 2018.

  1. Simaris

    Simaris Journeyman

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    Hi, im Simaris.

    I'm found this game in my countless times i go through my daily steam list offers and put it onto my watchlist some months ago. On weekend when i gave it a shot and bought it.

    Well i dunno what i can say but i don't regret it. The game is awesome in its state even though it need ofc more content and polishing. In my opinon it weakest part are the graphics / animation. Yes, not gameplay, not content, not bugs, ist just the eye candy for me. Of course if still needs content etc. but the only thing that stops me thinking this is the best game ive ever found is the graphiclal aspect.

    Of course i will and have played Dragon mainly bc welp... thats what i am here actually, but Raknar feels quite unique too, even tho not much to do with that guy. I didnt play humans a lot bc. i played human survival far too often in the last years. Its basically the same everywhere and i would be very surprised if ToA offeres someting different there. I will put some more effort into playing human after i enjoyed the beasts first i think.

    To my Person:

    I'm Male, 30
    C# developer
    Full time Gamer (beside job ofc)
    Dragon lunatic

    I'm usually writing much, sharing all of my thoughts to this game and i hope that guys who don't like textwalls just ignore me. I'd really like to help this project where i can. Even if i may not allowed to help with my knowledge i may just keep testing, suggesting and complaining. :p
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  2. Danielle

    Danielle Artisan

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    Nice to meet you, Simaris.
    Complaining is an important part of testing. ;)
  3. BowenTheKotoc

    BowenTheKotoc Master

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    Welcome to the forums, Simaris! I don't have a lot of experience with other survival games, but I'm playing a human with some friends to build a settlement up and I'm enjoying it a lot. I really like the blueprinting and structure building aspect of playing as a human.
  4. DalanAlan

    DalanAlan Apprentice

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    Welcome to the forum, Simaris! Cheers!

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