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Finally, Good Dragons

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Jade Ferra, Jun 2, 2018.

  1. Jade Ferra

    Jade Ferra Apprentice

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    Hello everyone, I am a pretty avid gamer. Spyro was my jam back in the day and I play a lot of JRPGs, now. The biggest MMORPG I ever got into was Runescape (again, a while ago now), but when my boyfriend found this I freaked out.

    I love dragons and they are excruciatingly under-used in gaming except for as monsters/foes. But the playable dragon is rare and often not very good:

    Spyro the Dragon ( <3 <3 <3 )
    Dragon's Rage (one-shot PS2 game, not very good)
    Drakengard series (battles only, a little one-dimensional on dragon-use)
    Sony's online MMORPG (played for a minute, then gave up because it was terrible to play)
    Dragon (Steam PC, very limited, still developing)
    How to Train Your Dragon games (unplayable, don't even bother)

    I'm sure there are more, but this is pathetic, and most are terrible games! Seeing Exile ToA take the dragon and have so much to put into it I am losing it a little. I wish I could be a tester even if it's all broken still, I am so excited for this game!!!! Idk what's going on here so much, I've stalked quietly for a couple years now, but if there's anything excited would-be players can do, I would love to be of help! In the meantime, hello everyone, very excited to be here. :p
  2. Elyssia

    Elyssia Community Manager Staff Member

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    Welcome to the community, Jade Ferra! We are excited to have dragons in our game too, and we agree that there is a lack of solid games that allow playable dragons. We are certainly trying to do justice by them!
  3. Dragon-Knight

    Dragon-Knight Artisan

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    Welcome here *Breaths Opening Fire to Welcome our new member*
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  4. Melgarh

    Melgarh Artisan

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    *cough*Istaria*cough* ;-)

    Sadly it is almost a direct competition, as both games have excellent out of ordinary crafting system and dragon evolution process, but TOA looks like it may have better graphics and world building.

    Also if you want a badass strategy game with a dragon, Divinity: Dragon Commander and Divinity 2: Dragon Knight saga are superb! (both single player).
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  5. Lamer Gamer

    Lamer Gamer Artisan

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    I'm with Melgarh. Divinity does dragons some good justice.
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  6. Simaris

    Simaris Journeyman

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    Divinity: Ego Draconis is a okayish game where u can shapeshift into a Dragon. but the use of this is very limited and only transportation/fighting related. Dragon Commander is even more focussed on fighting, and even worse, Jetpacks. Seriously i dont like Dragons combined with technology.

    Even tho the grapics of ToA are not better then Divinity:ED (or in some parts even worse) it offers exactly which is missing in all other games. Playing and survival aspect in nature, not just fighting and killing.

    I also hate it Dragons in most games are just creatures to be hunted for various reasons made up as if they were just the born evil, which is, given that the most games give them intelligence and sentience story wise it isnt too far there guys have more feelings then hate and brutality to them. But lackng a good game to play as Dragon i played a lot games with Dinos. I see this may gonna change soo bc of ToA.

    To be honest the concept of surviving as dragon on its own in a hostile world is already enough for a good game for me since this alone is an unique which is never executed before, even tho you really can see there are a LOT dragon fans out there, but i also understand nmaybe not much enough to fund a high developed game with somewhat high end graphics.

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