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Community Guidelines (read Me)

Discussion in 'Community Guidelines' started by Elyssia, Jun 22, 2015.

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    Community Guidelines

    Participation in the Trials of Ascension website, forum community, and discord constitutes acceptance of the following guidelines, which apply to posts, profile information, avatars, signatures, any other content on this site and participation in general. Failure to abide by these Guidelines can result in the removal of posts and the loss of posting privileges.

    Community Goal: To create a respectful and friendly community where members can safely share their thoughts, opinions, and speculations for the Trials of Ascension MMO and for the ToA: Exile game.

    1) Be Respectful - Community members should always ensure that the nature of their posts are respectful in tone. Hostile, defamatory, or inflammatory posts will be removed and the poster issued a warning. This includes retaliatory, trolling, abusive, flaming, or discriminatory posts directed at community members, Forged Chaos Staff, or outside third parties. Posts that quote disrespectful posts will also be removed, though no warning will be issued.

    Examples of prohibited posts: “You don’t know what you’re talking about.” “You’re an idiot if you agree with that article.” “Are you kidding me? How stupid!” “There is no argument; I know I am right.” “Everything BusinessXYZ sells is garbage.”

    Examples of respectful disagreement posts: “I disagree, and here are my reasons…” “I’ve read the article, and here is why I think the author is wrong…” “I think this is a bad idea and here is why...” “I don’t understand how you came to that conclusion; please provide references.” “I don’t care for the products sold by BusinessXYZ.”

    2) Stay on Topic - Please ensure that your post to a thread involves the topic set forth by the original poster. If a discussion or post inspires an idea or begins to change course, please create a new thread. Off topic posts may be split off from the original thread or removed.

    3) Report, Don’t Respond - Members can help keep our forum community friendly and welcoming by utilizing the Report feature and reporting any posts that they feel violate the Community Guidelines. Under no circumstances should fans attempt to moderate their fellow members with messages or replies. All posts that attempt to do so will be removed and the poster warned.

    4) One Account Per Person - Community members may only have one forum account. Creating additional accounts, especially in an attempt to circumvent an account ban, may result in immediate loss of posting privileges for the newly created accounts. If you have lost login information, please contact the Forged Chaos staff for assistance.

    5) Don’t Spam, Cross-Post, or Double-Post - Cross-posting is when a person posts the same information in multiple threads and/or forums. Double-posting is when a person posts multiple times to the same thread with no other replies between their own posts. Spam posts include posts that consist of a single word reply, only quote another person’s post, “bumping” a thread, or any other post that does not contribute to the discussion. Spamming, Cross-Posting, or Double-Posting can result in the removal of one or more posts and warnings sent to the offending account.

    Please use the “Like” button to show support for posts you agree with and the edit button to include multiple responses in a single post.

    6) Personal Information and Private Messages - Do not, under any circumstance, post or share the personal information of other people. This includes names, social security numbers, contact information, home addresses, pictures, or anything else of a personal nature belonging to anyone inside or outside the community. Such posts will be deleted. Posting your own personal information is discouraged and will be removed if you are under the age of 13 to adhere to the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act.

    Private messages (PMs) through the forums must follow the posted Community Guidelines and prohibited messages should be reported. That being said, PMs are privileged discussions between two or more individuals and should not be shared without the permission of all participants. Public posting of PMs without the express permission of all parties will result in removal of such posts and a warning to the posting member.

    7) Vulgar, Sexual, and Illegal Content Prohibited - Posts that discuss sexual, vulgar, or illegal behavior, contain media depicting such behavior, or link to websites with such content, are prohibited and will be removed. This includes posts/media/links about drugs, pornography, warez, hacks, illegal downloads, and illegally obtained information. It also includes images that the internet at large has accepted to represent drugs, abuse, genitalia, and illegal behavior.

    Any attempt to circumvent the forum software censoring feature, such as self-editing, abbreviations, leet-speak, images, emojis, or spacing will result in the removal of the entire post and a warning to the member.

    8) Advertising - Advertising for websites, products, or services is prohibited without the express consent of Forged Chaos. Posts made specifically to direct readers to a website, product or service, or link to such, will result in the immediate removal of the post and warning to the poster. Affiliate links that result in the exchange of points, cash, banner impressions, rewards, or redirects to such links are also considered advertising.

    Abuse of signatures for advertising purposes will result in the manual removal of the prohibited content and a warning to the member.

    The Off-Topic forum may be used to discuss third-party products and services, but may not be used for blatant promotion and/or advertisement.

    9) Copyright and Hotlinking - It is not appropriate to post links directly to media hosted on a privately owned website that does not belong to you as this practice uses the host’s resources. Instead posters should link to the entire page, or find a publicly hosted alternatives.

    Members should also refrain from posting copyrighted material that they do not have permission to reproduce or distribute. For articles and other texts, be sure to link the source and only quote a small, relevant section. Posting the entire article, even with the source, constitutes copyright infringement. This is not the place to illegally trade or distribute copyrighted video or audio clips, or those with questionable copyright status.

    10) Warnings and Banned Accounts - When a community member makes a post in conflict with the Community Guidelines, they may receive a warning from the Staff explaining why their post was unacceptable and was edited or removed. Members may respectfully follow up the warning with any questions they may have via private message.

    The repeated violation of these guidelines can result in the banning of a member’s account. If a community member has any questions about the ban or feels their account was banned in error, they can contact the Forged Chaos staff directly. Under no circumstances should the member create a new account or get another member to post for them. Unless a violation was determined to be particularly heinous, a ban can be appealed after 90 days by contacting the staff via email at contact@forgedchaos.com.

    The creation of threads or posts that question or reference administrative decisions or potential administrative decisions, such as post removals and thread closures, is not permitted. We are not perfect, however, and if you feel that we have made a mistake, please privately contact a staff member and we will review the situation.

    Direct Suggestions, Questions, and Concerns to Staff Privately - Have a suggestion for the website or community? Need help that only a Staff member can provide? Is there something that you are concerned about? Want to appeal a disciplinary action taken against your account? Contact the Forged Chaos Staff directly via private message in the forums or by email at contact@forgedchaos.com. Please include the nature of your email in the subject line.

    Discretion of Staff - Forged Chaos reserves the right to edit, remove, and/or delete any post at their discretion without notification to the poster, and to ban any account or IP address that abuses the above guidelines without warning. We also reserve the right to change these guidelines at any time.
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