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    have you thought about the layout of our humble city? Town square with the the markets around it, and the citizen's houses on the outskirts near the our walls, or shall we build as we see fit when the time comes? Depending on how many lives we have, splitting up the houses would help in not allowing all of our beds to be destroyed, but it might create large gaps that would create an opportunity for a raknar to climb over our walls and single out someone's home.
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    The city will begin as a wooden village, since none of us will have stone-masonry skills at the start.
    We will focus on building our combat, construction, and harvesting skills asap, and we will build the wooden village with as much defense as we can, reinforcing everything.

    The village will remain and possibly expand depending on our population until we are sure that we have the skills and materials required to build a stone city, which we will fortify as much as possible, placing spots for ballistae and archers anywhere we can. Ballistae will be essential if a Dragon attacks. As for the location and layout, both the Village and the City will preferably be on the north-eastern coast.
    The layout will include three rings.

    The first ring is for the High Hall, where the High King/Queen lives and the Council has it's meetings.
    Other important government and military related buildings will also be in the center ring.

    The second ring which is around the first is the market and guild ring. This is where the marketplace and much of the business related buildings will be, as well as where guilds will have their halls.

    The third ring is where most of the people will build their homes. A guard barracks will also be in this ring.

    There will be walls between each ring, but the gates of the first and second rings will only be closed in an emergency. The outer wall will be closed at night unless someone's job or interest requires going out.
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