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Discussion in 'Patch Notes & Known Issues' started by Brax, Aug 24, 2018.

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    !!! If you run a server and decide to switch to our Steam beta branch READ THE IMPORTANT NOTES AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS MESSAGE !!!


    This build sees a lot of foundations we're putting in place that will allow us to scale up the game play of dragons. While there is much much more to this build, dragon players will be happy to know that we've added claw and tail attacks to their abilities, their breath sacs will refill over time instead of requiring nuggets as fuel, they can now resurrect at their nest once the first stage has been constructed and lots more.

    For full details of the changes that comes with this build, read the patch notes at http://trialsofascension.com/patchnotes.

    Again, just to be squeaky-clean clear, this build is about laying down the foundations we want to put into place that will allow us to give dragons much more to do. So you don't think we're just saying "trust us, there is more to come!" here is a teaser list of what we're working on for dragons (that you'll see in a future update):

    Territory: Dragons will lay claim to land and be able to benefit while within.

    Molting: Growing your dragon will require far more than just finding nuggets. It will require a combination of four different things and nuggets won't be one of them.

    Nests: You'll build a single nest from hatchling on up and be given abilities based on the stage of that nest. Look for abilities like accelerated healing, being camouflaged while in the nest, faster regeneration of your breath sac and much more.

    Constructs: Build specific items within your territory such as extra stashes to store things, places to resurrect and various traps!

    Transmuting: We're giving the dragon the organic (as in non-magic) ability to morph items through their gizzard that can help them in the many aspects of their expanding game play.


    This build is currently available as a beta version. To access it, you will need to switch your version of the game in Steam to beta. To do that, simply right click on ToA: Exile in Steam, select Properties, select the Betas tab, and choose Beta from the dropdown. Steam will install required updates and you should be good to go.



    When in the beta branch you will only see the beta servers. You will NOT see the non-beta servers. You must switch your version back to default in Steam to see non-beta servers.

    If you are NOT hosting any servers, you should be fine switching back and forth between beta and default.

    Attention Server Hosts:
    You should be ok if you switch to the beta branch with your existing server. However, if you switch to the beta branch or start one after you switch to beta, you will likely lose all data to that server should you switch back to the default branch.

    If you might want to switch from beta back to default, we highly recommend that you keep a copy of the current server's data to switch back to. Do this by making a copy of the file named 'database.sql' found at C:\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\LocalLow\Forged Chaos\Exile. Keep a copy of this file somewhere other than in the mentioned location, such as your desktop. Should you want to switch back to default, you'll need to go into the above location and replace the new database.sql file with your copied version. WE ARE NOT GUARANTEEING THIS WILL WORK! It has worked for us a number of times throughout our testing but we make no claim that it will work for anyone else.
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