1What is ToA: Exile?

Trials of Ascension: Exile is a fantasy-themed host-your-own sandbox survival game in alpha development. You can play as three completely different races: the resourceful humans; the cunning raknar; and the all-mighty dragons. The race you choose will affect how you will survive and the challenges you will face as you increase in strength. Server Hosts can choose from a variety of options to make their islands unique, such as PvP options, limited life counters (perma-death!), day-to-night ratio, and abundance/regeneration of resources. Several official servers will also be available to players.

2How much will ToA: Exile cost at launch?

The Early Access price for the game will be $24.99 in US dollars. The price will likely increase once development is completed and the game is fully released.

3Where can I buy a copy of ToA: Exile?

We will be offering digital downloads through Steam.

4Will there be a subscription fee?

No, there will be no subscription fees. ToA: Exile will be a one-time purchase.

5What minimum system specs will be needed to run ToA: Exile?

OS: Windows 7/8.1/10 (64-bit versions)
Processor: Intel Core i5-2400/AMD FX-8320 or better
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 670 2GB/AMD Radeon HD 7870 2GB or better
DirectX: Version 11
Additional Notes: Broadband internet connection required for multiplayer

6How will ToA: Exile differ from the previous version of ToA?

Though early versions will be limited features,  we’ll be introducing as many of the MMO design’s features through iterations that we can fit into the scale of the project. The goal is to include as many of the 2013-’14 ToA designs and features into ToA: Exile that we can.

That being said, there are a few features that may not make it into ToA: Exile, but will definitely be in the future MMO: innovations, new races beyond the three we have already, magic, dungeons, human subterfuge skills, settlement/hive NPCs, pets, farming, contracts, privately “owned” property, diseases, and a large variety of biomes and resources.

7Will you continue to develop the MMO version of Trials of Ascension?

Yes! ToA: Exile is the first step for the team in developing the MMO version of the game. With ToA: Exile, we’ll be able to observe various mechanics in play, collect data, and earn capital to aid in the future development of the MMO.

8Are there any design changes to the MMO version of Trials of Ascension?

Yes. Most, if not all, the mechanic changes we have adopted for ToA: Exile will be used in the MMO, as well as racial abilities. This includes the addition of the Balance mechanic to combat, the change to dragon molting, and the removal of the hard cap for human skills. We may also adjust other designs based on the information we collect from ToA: Exile.


1How big are each of these Islands?

The current island is roughly 3km x 3km in size. We hope to offer additional islands with different sizes and shapes in the future.

2How many players can connect to the same Island?

Up to 64 players can connect to a single server simultaneously, but we recommend that players with average PCs and internet limit their servers to 32 or less.

3Can I take a character from one Island to another?

No, the characters for each server are stored with that server and cannot be transferred to another one.

4What kind of Official Islands will there be?

The plan at this time is to start with a few servers. Afterwards we will look into additional islands to test other settings, or if demand necessitates additional servers.

5Can I play ToA: Exile offline?

No, ToA: Exile requires an active internet connection to authenticate accounts and to connect to remote servers. We will also be tracking metrics for analysis during testing phases. We are recording this data so that we can better determine and satisfy the needs of our player base for the development of the MMO version. We’re exploring an “opt-out” option for the metrics for after launch.

6Can I play ToA: Exile solo?

Yes, players can set up local and/or password protected servers to play by themselves if they wish.

7How will Dynamic Spawning work for Islands?

Invisible spawning nodes for resources will be randomly distributed across the islands based on the procedural generation of the land mass. They will be pre-set based on option settings determined by the owner at island creation.

Flora and mineral nodes will repopulate their designated areas in a random pattern, provided that there are no structures blocking the spawning. Fauna does not follow dynamic spawning at this time.

8Will I be able to control the Dynamic Spawning on my Island?

Server hosts will not have direct control over the dynamic spawning systems. Instead they will be able to adjust sliders to determine resource scarcity, recovery, and expansion for flora, fauna, and minerals.

9When does ToA: Exile take place in the lore?

ToA: Exile occurs at the very end of the Age of Shadows. The raknar are still ravaging the mainland and some of the humans of TerVarus take to the sea to avoid certain death.


1How do I host my own Island?

To host your own island, you must first have a registered copy of ToA: Exile. You can then launch a dedicated server through steam and set up your own island!

2What settings can I change for my Island?

There are a plethora of settings that an island host can tweak and adjust: biome; island size; resource scarcity/regeneration/spread for flora, fauna, minerals; population limit; life counters; allowed races; day/night settings; and so forth.

3How do I open my Island to the public?

By default, all islands are visible to the public on the server list. If you wish to allow other players to connect to your server, you will need to forward port 7777 on your router. If you want to prevent unfamiliar players from joining your island, you must password protect your server.

4Can I ban someone from my Island?

Yes. You will be able to moderate your server as you see fit, including kicking and banning.


1What will the humans be able to do when ToA: Exile launches?

Humans will have access to the full combat experience, gathering resources, crafting items, research crafting improvements, structure construction, over 20 skills, and their disciplines.

2Will humans be able to build settlements?

We would like to have everything needed for settlements in place prior to launch, but it is more likely that they will appear in one of the post launch iterations. There are several supporting mechanics required, including territory claiming, permissions, reputations, war and peace declarations, and NPCs.  For now, humans will be able to build their houses close together and surround the area with protective palisades.

3What about magic?

Like settlements, magic is another feature that we would like to include in ToA: Exile, but we aren’t certain at this time if there will be enough resources to dedicate to ensure that it is included.


1What will raknar be able to do at launch?

Raknar will be able to participate in all aspects of combat, climb over all types of terrain with their Wall Climbing ability, transform their appearance and enhance their attributes using their Evolution advancement system.

2How does raknar “Evolution” work?

Raknar come equipped with full access to all of their abilities, so to become a bigger, badder bug, they must evolve. Evolution occurs when a raknar uses an ability over and over again, and their new strength is mirrored in their appearance.


1What will dragons be able to do at launch?

Dragons present their own unique set of challenges for the development and because of that, their features may turn out to be more limited than the other races at launch. So far we have given them the ability fight for their own survival, build a nest, and use their Growth/Molting advancement system to reach Juvenile stage for Early Access, along with flying and their breath weapon We plan to add in the second set of growth stages, jewel traps, and possibly the Frost Dragon sometime during Early Access.

2How does the dragon "Molting” advancement work?

Dragons advance through their growth stages by molting. They consume rare metal nuggets from the ground to fill up their molting meter. When it is completely full, they must then return to their nest to molt. If they die, their molting progress is reset.

3Will my dragon be able to fly or breathe fire?

Yes, just not at first. After molting to the Young stage, dragons grow their wings and are able to glide from high places for a short period of time. Then when they advance to Juvenile, they can launch themselves from the ground and unlock their fiery breath weapon.

Player Character

1What races will be playable in ToA: Exile?

You will be able to choose from Humans, Raknar, and Dragons at launch.

2What about the other previously planned races?

We’re limiting race choice to three for ToA: Exile Early Access launch. New races may be introduced in the future.

3What sort of customization options will be available?

Players will be able to choose the race of their character and assign a base number of points to six attributes. They can also select various customization options, such as hair color, eye color, body color, etc. We hope to add additional genders for the races after Early Access launch.

4What do attributes affect?

There are 6 attributes for characters:

Strength - The physical strength of a character. This influences maximum HP, encumbrance limits, and affects attack damage.

Fortitude - The general health of a character. This influences maximum Stamina.

Vitality - The natural regenerative abilities of a character. This influences HP and Stamina recovery.

Agility - The natural dexterity and reflexes of a character. This influences balance recovery and some aspects of combat.

Intelligence - The mental strength of a character. This influences various features based on race.

Perception - The sensory awareness of a character. This influences the character’s ability to detect subtle actions and movement.


1How does combat work for ToA: Exile?

There will be several different systems that influence combat in ToA: Exile. Combat will be real time, real space without auto-targeting. Instead of relying on abilities with cool-downs, players will be able to control precisely when they attack, block, and dodge. In addition to basic resources available to all races (Stamina, HP, and Balance), some races may have additional resources to engage in combat, such as raknar silk, and dragons’ breath attacks.

Each race will have a basic set of attacks that are controlled by their mouse clicks. For humans that is their left and right hands, for raknar it is their strikers, and for dragons it is their claws and bite. Each race also possesses several unique abilities, such as a dragon’s wing buffet and tail lash. These abilities will be tied to re-mappable hot keys.

2What are Hit Points for?

Hit Points represent the lifeblood of the character. Receiving damage from combat or the environment around the character will subtract HP from the character. If the character reaches 0 hit points, they fall unconscious. A character will slowly regenerate HP over time. Resting and full thirst and food bars will provide a small boost to it.

3What is Stamina for?

Stamina represents a character’s overall endurance for physical tasks. Sprinting, flying, jumping, combat, and swimming slowly drain away stamina. Humans also may drain their stamina by performing physical skills such as mining, logging, or blacksmithing. Stamina regenerates on its own based on the character’s vitality, but like with HP, it is improved with rest, food, and drink.

4What does Balance determine?

Balance is a new feature we’ve introduced to provide greater strategy to combat. It is a quickly spent and recovered resource that takes into consideration the conditions of the environment. Each attack a player makes or receives either increases their balance or lowers it. The lower a character’s balance drops, the more likely they are to be knocked back or knocked down by an attack and the weaker their own attacks become against their opponent. Combat on slippery, loose, or sticky ground directly impacts the character’s maximum balance, making combat on such surfaces risky at best. Jumping completely drains a character’s balance and should be avoided.

5What is “Unconsciousness”?

Unconsciousness is a stage between life and death in ToA: Exile. When a character reaches 0 HP, they fall unconscious and the player loses control. Each additional attack against the unconscious character will do triple damage. Once the character’s HP is equal to the negative value of their Fortitude, they die. As long as the character is still alive, they will slowly regenerate HP based on their Vitality until it is greater than 0. At that point, the character regains consciousness and the player gets back control of their character.

When a character is unconscious they can be looted in the same manner as if they were dead.


1How will character death work in ToA: Exile?

After a character has been knocked unconscious and taken enough additional damage to reach the negative of their fortitude, the character loses a Life Counter and dies. Upon death, the graphics around the character blackout and show a list of possible respawn locations.

If the player has not yet completed their nest or placed a bedroll or egg, their only option will be to respawn in a random location somewhere on the island.

2What options will hosts have for death mechanics?

at this time, server hosts will be able to set the number of life counters that players have for their server. They can set the number to “0” to give their players infinite lives.

3Will I keep my equipment when I die?

By default, no. When you die, your corpse remains with all the loot that was on it. You will have to return to your corpse and recover your equipment. While you are dead other players can loot the inventory off your corpse as well.


1How does healing work for ToA: Exile?

There will be a distinct lack of magical healing in ToA: Exile. When a character takes damage, they lose Hit Points. When a character reaches 0 HP they will fall unconscious and further damage will result in their death.

2How do character’s recover their HP?

All races recover HP slowly over time, with their vitality, thirst, and hunger all influencing this rate. Humans are able to use their First Aid skill to recover HP while out of combat, while dragons can lick their wounds using nuggets, and raknar can use their silk to bandage themselves.

3What other healing will be available in ToA: Exile?

Though they won’t make it in before Early Access release, we have plans to also include wounds, diseases, treatable poisons, and similar maladies as well as healing-based counters.


1How will crafting work in ToA: Exile?

Humans are the only playable race that can craft at this time. To craft, players must use skills to harvest resources from their environment, refine them into useable materials, then craft them into items to equip, consume, or create other items.

2What kinds of things can I craft?

Every item in the game will be craft-able by the players themselves. This includes, tools, weapons, armor, clothing, equipment, and consumables.

3How do I gather materials to make things?

To harvest materials, players right-click the object they wish to harvest from, and select “Harvest” from the menu. If they have the appropriate tool in hand, they will then begin harvesting. Their success chance and the quantity they gather is determined by their skill.

4What kind of materials can I gather?

Players will be able to harvest wood, various plant parts, stone, ore, and skins, meat, and other bits from animals.


1How will structures work in ToA: Exile?

There are two house designs with a number of layouts to choose from, and a palisade to place for protection for ToA: Exile Early Access. Additional structures will be introduced in future iterations. Structures are a human-only feature.

2How do I build a structure?

To build a structure, you must first have the blueprints for it. To create a blueprint, you will need to interact with a drafting table and then choose both the style and layout. You can then customize the structure to your tastes.

3What kind of materials can I build with?

Players will be able to use various types of wood, stone, and metal to build modular structures based on their own designs.

4Can I build a settlement?

You can build structures together and surround them with palisades, but actual settlement mechanics won’t be available at launch for ToA: Exile.

Store Backers

1I backed ToA on the online store. What happens to all the stuff I donated for?

If you backed for a physical item or poster you should have already received it, so please let us know asap if you have not! But if instead you went for a digital item, you will have to wait until the launch of the MMO to claim your items as they will not be made available for ToA: Exile. If that’s too long of a wait, you will be able to exchange digital codes for Forged Chaos Credits.

2What are Forged Chaos Credits?

When we decided that a subscription approach to the MMO just wasn’t going to work, we realized we would have to do something for the players who donated for Lifetime Subscriptions and Writs of Time. So we are going to have a special section of our future store with items that can only be purchased with Forged Chaos Credits. These Credits can only be obtained in exchange for submitting a digital code, and are given in a 1:$1 ratio.

Any digital code can be exchanged, not just Lifetime Subscriptions and Writs of Time.

3What sort of things can I buy with my Forged Chaos Credits?

We do not have a hard list of what will be available, but backers can expect a variety of items similar in nature to the virtual goods that were available during the fundraising campaigns. These items will be offered up for purchase exclusively with Forged Chaos Credits, meaning new fans won’t be able to purchase them.

4Can I use FC Credits to purchase ToA: Exile?

You will not be able to redeem FC Credits for a copy of ToA: Exile. The items that you will be able to purchase in the FC shop will be accessible only to previous backers.

5What about the virtual stuff I donated for?

With the exceptions of the Lifetime Subscription and the Writs of Time, all current codes that were awarded for donations will be honored in time. You, as a backer, can choose if you would rather wait for the items for those codes to become available in the future MMO or trade them in for something else.

6I backed during the Light the Forge or Release the Dragons campaigns. Do I get anything special?

Everyone who donated funds to Forged Chaos through our online Store prior to May 1st, 2015 was given the opportunity to be a pre-alpha tester and help determine the development of ToA: Exile. Thank you, Testers!

7I donated for a Lifetime Subscription/Writ of Time; what now?

Since we have decided to move away from a subscription pay model, Lifetime Subscriptions and Writs of Time are now obsolete. Backers who donated for these items will be awarded the cash value equivalent in Forged Chaos Credits so they may choose new rewards for their donations.

8What about the alpha / beta access I backed for?

You will still be able to participate in the alpha and/or beta testing stages of the Trials of Ascension MMO. Until then you are welcome to help us test and improve ToA: Exile.