About Trials of Ascension: Exile

what is trials of ascension: exile?

Trials of Ascension: Exile is a "Host Your Own" multi-player fantasy sandbox game currently in development for the PC.

Host your own private island, set the rules as you see fit, and invite up to 64 people to share the experience. Master your profession and help build a community as a human, evolve for the hunt as a Raknar, or defy all odds to grow as a powerful dragon!

your time in exile

Surviving in Trials of Ascension: Exile

Survival is of paramount importance to every life that finds its way to the Lost Isles. With hunger and thirst a constant threat, food and water will be top priorities. But dangers lurk around every corner and many environmental factors need careful consideration. Shelter and other means of protection will be necessary to fend off all threats, including aggressive predators.

Exile Combat

Combat in ToA: Exile utilizes targetless combat with on-demand striking and blocking. Each arm/forelimb is controlled by its associated mouse button. The player can pick which angle they wish to attack from and can choose to make a quick jab or a powerful swing with one or both limbs.

In addition to Health and Stamina, the Balance resource brings a new aspect to combat. Maintain your balance and you are rewarded with solid footing; attack recklessly and you chance exposing yourself instead. Unbalanced characters find their swings are less effective and they run the risk that a well placed blow will knock them down. Critical Strikes, and occasionally regular strikes, inflict wounds that levy penalties onto opponents based on the severity. Wounds remain on a character indefinitely unless removed by death or treatment. Each race has their own unique way of treating wounds.

Dynamic Environment of Exile

Islands in ToA: Exile are procedurally generated, building new terrain and environments to explore every time a fresh one is created. Generation will take advantage of our dynamic spawning system, creating resource nodes for flora, fauna, and minerals that will slowly spread and repopulate across the landscape.

Time is in constant motion on the islands, with day cycles that bring truly dark nights and changing weather patterns that forecast rain, wind, and storms.

Your Island, Your Rules!

Host your own personal island and customize the ruleset and other options to create a unique experience. Choose between several different biomes, pick which races you wish to allow, and decide how scarce resources will be for your players. Play by yourself, with friends, or open your island to the entire community!

play as a human

Trials of Ascension: Exile - Humans

Human refugees from the Raknar War flee the mainland in search of a new home far from the devastating losses and bloodshed. They find themselves washed ashore among the Lost Isles, with nothing except the clothes upon their backs.

It rests solely in your hands to turn these unfamiliar lands into a place where you can not only survive, but thrive. Master a variety of skills, gather resources from the land, create items, build shelter from the elements, and construct fortifications to keep your enemies safely at bay.

Unlike the other races, Humans are not born with instinctive knowledge and must learn and master skills to accomplish their goals. Any human can perform any task, but by completing Challenges, they can choose perks that influence the outcome. Failure is always an option, however, by completing challenges and increasing your perks you can improve your odds of success in all endeavors in a variety of ways.


Every item available in the game will be crafted by human characters. Items are made from the natural resources found on the islands, including wood from trees, hides from animals, fiber from plants, and stone and ore from exposed rock formations. Create tools, weapons, armor, clothing, equipment, food, and even buildings and defenses!

Custom Structures in Trials of Ascension

Structures in ToA: Exile are made from snap-together modular pieces that can be arranged in any configuration that you can imagine. Create a small wood shack or a massive stone castle. Build protective palisades with gates to allow friends in and keep foes out!

play as a dragon

Play a Dragon!

Long asleep in the shell and protected in their remote nests, the fire dragon eggs of the Lost Isles are awakened by the human disturbance of the mists. They hatch in mass and begin to ravenously devour anything in their path.

The smallest and weakest of the intelligent races on the Lost Isles, your newly hatched dragon must compete with its own kind and every other hungry predator for survival. Hunt and feed while avoiding death to grow in both size and strength. With great skill and a little luck, you will reach adulthood and reign as the undisputed ruler of the islands.

Dragon growth and molting

Dragons are the most challenging race to play in ToA: Exile, as they lack the natural arsenal of the raknar and the ingenuity of the humans. Skilled and resourceful players will be able to overcome this disadvantage to keep their hatchling alive and fed until it is ready to molt. Molting allows the dragon to grow to the next developmental stage, increasing its size, strength, and abilities. Continued growth unlocks new racial abilities, such as wing buffet, breath attacks and flight!

Protecting your hoard

Dragons require a nest made with rare metals, known as a hoard, to molt. To build a hoard, the dragon must gather nuggets from their surroundings and enemies, then locate a remote, concealed location to deposit them.

Hiding your hoard is incredibly important; hoards are persistent in the game and other opportunistic players can loot your hard-won treasures for their own purposes. As your dragon ages, it will be able to create jewel traps to warn away potential raiders.

Once your dragon matures to adulthood it will gain the ability to utilize its breath sacs to process various metals into fiery breath attacks! Each type of metal produces a different effect when consumed, with the rarer metals producing more impressive results.

Dragon breath weapon

play as a raknar

Play a Raknar!

Deep under the ocean floor lie miles of cave systems, at once time providing a tenuous connection between the Lost Isles and the mainland. Earthquakes collapsed many of the tunnels, trapping hundreds of the giant arachnids far away from the rest of their kin, but providing access to new hunting grounds on the Isles.

You are a raknar, newly arrived to the Lost Isles by such fortuitous events. You are equipped with an impressive arsenal of natural weapons and abilities, along with the potential to Evolve into a perfect killing machine. Let the hunt begin!

Raknar Evolution

Raknar are able to evolve their form and abilities by cannibalizing their own spiderlings. Once an hour you can lay an egg into a corpse and after a few minutes a spiderling will hatch out. What kind of spiderling you get is determined by the type of creature you use to incubate the egg. There are five types of spiderlings that influence different areas of raknar anatomy. There is also a sixth, black spiderling that randomly applies two evolutions to the raknar that eats it.

Wall Climbing

Raknar are the only race able to cling and move effortlessly over most surfaces. This includes slopes that cannot be traversed by the other races, including vertical and even inverted surfaces! Take caution though, wet surfaces as well as loose ones like sand and gravel are risky at best.

Big Bad Bug

Raknar are born with full use of all their natural abilities. In addition to their impressive, scythe-like strikers, they have a venomous bite that can weaken and kill their prey. Their silk can be used to set traps for prey or as treatment for life-threatening wounds. Six legs give them an advantage in speed, and heavy chitin protect them from most minor damage. Take on the role of the lone hunter, or work together with your friends to create a swarm that dominates the isles!